By combining an extensive range of technical skill with an unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction, Medrar has become an trustworthy option for companies or business owners looking for offshore software development services, including integration of the latest technology with existing project infrastructure, creating interactive mobile applications, and first-of-a-kind, start-to-finish software development efforts.

Our software development process involves all services of software cycle from Presale to design architecture, coding, testing followed by support. Software maintains is also provided by us at very reasonable price. We develop customized applications for any type of business purpose.

Our development team is always ready to deal with you. You can easily describe and communicate with them directly for any changes, suggestions regarding development process of your website.


Custom Application Development

As your business evolves, we help you get ahead of technology challenges before they arise by:

  • Developing, maintaining and supporting applications that are custom-tailored to your business needs
  • Providing flexible applications built on the latest technology that is secure and compatible with legacy systems
  • Guaranteeing our custom-developed solution will be scalable, maintain data integrity, and provide superior performance to support your business goals

Mobile Application Development

With our rich experience in mobile development, we offer:

  • Custom-built mobile applications that allow flexibility of accessing information from anywhere
  • Seamless, native applications across both Android and iOS
  • Mobile apps built for Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Consumer (B2C), or Business-to-Employee (B2E)

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are solving real-world problems for businesses.

We offer expert advice in the fields of Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, and Deep Learning.

Our AWS certified team of data scientists, engineers, and consultants will work with you to understand your requirements. Then, we'll propose a custom-made solution that will complement your existing IT infrastructure. We will also assist you with product development and management of data.

our customizable off the shelf products

Medrar is offering the following customizable off the shelf products:

EduEx is a training admission management web application that enables training institutes to manage the process of trainees’ registration, Selection, Engagement in courses, attendance, and Follow-up the program till the end.

Target Customers

  • Educational & Training Institutes
  • Institutes that provide educational scholarships programs

SportEx is a sports club website that enables the club to represent its activities, news, events, gallery of images, provide the customers with the ability to renew their activities’ subscriptions online, and provide them with the ability to Book a court online.

A mobile app is available to facilitate renewal and court booking.

Target Customers

  • Sports Clubs
  • GYM Centers
  • Courts Owners

An interactive kiosk application designed and developed to enable visitors to connect with exhibitions on a deeper level, and can improve their experience in a number of different ways. The application offers a platform to showcase content which combines text, images, video, audio and interactive elements to communicate information in an exciting and accessible way.

Target Customers

  • Healthcare organizations: hospitals and medical centers
  • Public Transport: airports, bus and railway stations
  • Museums and exhibitions
  • Banks
  • Hospitality: hotels
  • Fast-Food Restaurants
  • Government organizations

Al-Mizan is a process assessment tool used to create, run and calculate assessments results to keep track of the maturity level of internal processes of organizations. It helps organizations toa nalyze internal processes, generate analytical visual reports for processes, and generate sort of actions required to improve the processes

Target Customers

Al-Mizan primarily targets companies whose business processes are clearly defined and need to assess it. Ex. Banking, Manufacturing, …etc.