What are Soft Skills?

Soft skills are the competencies that allow your employees to interact effectively and productively with others, no matter the role or the setting.

As an organization, you can’t make the mistake of seeing “soft” as “unnecessary” or “inferior.” Soft skills are what separate average performers from high performers. The Stanford Research Institute International determined that 75% of long-term success in a job role depends on mastery of soft skills – only 25% of that job success comes from technical skills.

While technical skills obviously have importance, many organizations have been giving them disproportionate weight in job descriptions and training, but that is changing, and fast.

Soft Skills Training Courses

These are some of the skills that are becoming most in-demand in today’s workplaces:

Strong communication skills are foundational for today's employees to perform well in their roles, and everyone has an area where they can improve the way they communicate.

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MDRSS01 Communication Strategies DOWNLOAD
When time is a resource you can't get back, it's important for employees to understand the difference between efficiency and effectiveness when managing their time.

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MDRSS02 Time Management DOWNLOAD
When employees and leaders are well-versed in change management, they can quickly adapt in response to new ideas, circumstances, requirements, and other changes.

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MDRSS03 Managing Change DOWNLOAD
Knowing how to use PowerPoint is not enough – your employees need to understand how to present information in a clear and engaging way that leads to action.

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MDRSS04 Presentation Skills DOWNLOAD
Developing EI is becoming increasingly important – this is how your employees understand themselves and others, so they can better manage relationships.

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MDRSS05 Emotional Intelligence DOWNLOAD
This is the skill of figuring out a way to change what is into what’s desired when the situation is messy and regular methods won’t work.

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MDRSS06 Problem Solving Skills DOWNLOAD