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Build cutting-edge apps and software capabilities with our application development and programming curriculum with hands-on training on top languages and frameworks.

Learn how to develop mobile and web-based applications and programs with courses covering a variety of programming languages, software development platforms and development frameworks.

Software Development Training Courses

Medrar is delevering the following software development training courses:

HTML is the most widely used language for developing web applications. It was created by Berners-Lee in the year 1991 but was first published in 1995. HTML 4 was a popular breakthrough version and got published in 1999. This version gained a lot of popularity and was adopted all over the globe for developing web applications. HTML 5 is the current version and was published in 2012.

HTML is critical for web development, and if you’ve ever thought about choosing that career path, you’d unquestionably have come across this language. And that’s probably why you are here in the first place.

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Cascading Style Sheets, or more commonly known as CSS brings style to your web pages by interacting with HTML elements. HTML, on the one hand, is used to structure a web document, where as CSS comes in handy while specifying your document’s style, that is everything from page layouts to colors, to fonts.

In our CSS 3 ttraining you’ll learn everything you need to know about CSS, including CSS keyframes, navbar, selectors and more. So start learning the CSS tutorial now and gain in-depth knowledge of CSS elements!

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JavaScript makes web pages more dynamic and user-friendly so that they respond to visitors’ actions. JS became one of the prime programming languages due to its ease of learning and versatility.

In our JavaScript training course you will learn all about it from JS arrays to loop, and promise to regex and closure. The course also covers critical aspects like JS dom, website projects and functions, and objects, and also prepares you for a JavaScript interview. So start learning now and become a pro at programming!

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Node is a popular and fast-growing programming language that allows you to run JavaScript on the server side. After learning the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, discover how to build lightening-fast applications in Node.js.

In this training course you can learn how to work with data as well as test, secure, and deploy your Node.js applications. Get practical experience building websites, microservices, and APIs using Node.js.

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iOS Development training by Mindmajix will develop the core skills required to become a certified iOS developer. This course will train you on the detailed process of the app development using Xcode and Swift, and also provides deep knowledge on the core functionality of iOS, iOS architecture, Objective-C, Core Data, testing, and more through real-time use cases and projects.

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Take your Android skills to the next level through our Android training. The course teaches you how to set up an Android environment and master its architecture, including notifications, animations, graphics, how to login users, add maps, and test your apps. You’ll acquire the practical development experience needed by working on real-time projects during the course. Get started with Android App training today to advance your career as an Android App developer!

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